MTA Social Connect Options

MTA offers several possibilities for you to connect with us via social media. Here are the basic details:

Promoting your events through the MTA Facebook page

Beginning this month, MTA will be posting notices to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that are designed to help you promote and highlight events in your area. We have established an email address specifically for members who wish to utilize this courtesy service.

If you have an event, notice, or special announcement that you wish to share with our social media audience, send an email to that includes the following:

  1. Event title, time, date, and location.

  2. A web site, blog, or Facebook page URL that provides complete event details and/or registration forms.

  3. A photo, video, or JPG copy of a promotional flyer or brochure about your event.

Please include as much of the above information as possible so that we can do our part in helping you promote your event. We strongly encourage you to include a photo or video. Facebook posts that include a visual attachment receive a much higher level of engagement, and our goal is to help you achieve as much exposure as possible.

MTA reserves the right to alter, adjust, summarize, and adapt your copy and visual material for the purpose of making a best-practice post on Facebook and/or Twitter. MTA also reserves the right to refuse to post an event notice due to insufficient material or visuals.

Cross-Promoting with MTA on Facebook

Beginning this month, MTA will be offering access to our Facebook audience to members who wish to cross-promote. Cross promotions on Facebook are designed to build and engage your audience. As we at MTA seek to grow and engage our own audience, we will, in turn, offer this asset to our valued members.

If your organization has 5,000 fans on Facebook, and MTA also has 5,000, then cross-promoting between our two pages can introduce your event or promotion to 10,000 fans. In essence, you can double your audience for the promotion.

Did you know that it is against Facebook policy to ask fans to “like” or “share” a post or photo and be entered to win a prize?

This is perhaps the most violated of Facebook’s guidelines. Facebook also requires that ALL promotions on Facebook utilize a 3rd party app. It is this 3rd party app that MTA is making available to you in an effort to help you make the most of your Facebook audience and stay within Facebook guidelines.

At this time, we are making a simple sweepstakes promotion available to our members at no charge. This type of promotion is excellent for giveaways of tickets, getaway packages, gift cards, gift certificates, etc.

If you have an event or destination in your area that you would like to feature in a Facebook promotion, please contact and include the details of what you would like to offer as a prize.

Presently, MTA has the ability to run up to 4 promotions on our page at a time. Get in touch and we will work with you to make your Facebook promotion as successful as possible.

Social Media Workshops

Beginning this month, MTA will offer members the opportunity to host a social media workshop in your area. This workshop is designed to help local business owners make the most of social media. With practical tips and advice, plus guidance on best practices, and real-world case studies and examples, these 4-hour workshops are an excellent opportunity for you to provide some real-world value to businesses in your area.

The workshops cover the following topics:

I. Social media strategy and budget planning.
a. What does a social media strategy look like?
b. How much time does social media take?
c. What does social media cost?
d. In-house vs outsource?
e. How can I measure social media results.

II. Mastering the Facebook News Feed.
   a. Best practices for Facebook.
   b. Facebook Policies
   c. Factors that impact organic growth and post exposure.

III. Building Audience Part 1: Facebook Ads.
   a. The purpose of Facebook ads.
   b. Types of Facebook Ads.
   c. Expectations and Results- Case Studies.

IV. Building Audience 2: Promotions.
   a. Types of Promotions.
   b. Promotion Apps.
   c. Examples.

These workshops are provided to members free of charge. We ask only that travel expenses are covered for guest speakers, and that you provide a venue and refreshments for guests. You will also be responsible for promoting the event to businesses in your area. We normally like to have a minimum of 12 confirmed participants in order to deliver this workshop.

If you are interested in hosting a social media workshop in your area, please contact for details and to arrange a date.