Cleveland Gallery to Host Photo Exhibit “Eudora Welty: 27 Portraits”

The Wiljax Gallery for Southern Photography has finalized plans with the Eudora Welty Foundation to host an exhibit of Welty’s photographs from the 1930’s and 40’s.  The show will run from Thursday, September 12 until Friday, October 25.  An opening reception is planned for the 12th from 6-9PM.  It is free and open to the public.
The show consists of 27 portraits made by Welty early in her career.  Each print was made by Welty in her kitchen darkroom at her home in Jackson, Mississippi.  Many of the pieces were originally printed for Welty’s 1936 show at the photographic galleries of Lugene Opticians on Madison Avenue.  It was her first solo exhibit in New York City.
“We are thrilled to host this show,” says gallery owner Will Jacks. “These images give a wonderfully authentic insight to the beginning of Welty’s career.  It is hard not to sense a connection to her when viewing this work.  Many of the prints have markings and notations made by Eudora.  Several of the subjects from the photos inspired characters and scenes in Welty’s short stories, and a few of the images were created just a few miles from where our gallery currently sits.  We are grateful to the Welty Foundation for entrusting this work to us, and excited to share it with the folks in our small Delta community.”

 About Wiljax Gallery

The Wiljax Gallery was established in 1997.  The mission of the gallery is to encourage dialogue in and about the Mississippi Delta region by hosting photographic exhibits and workshops as well as providing a resource for the Delta’s youth to learn the craft of visual storytelling.

About the Eudora Welty Foundation

The Eudora Welty Foundation was established in 1999 to assist the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) in achieving its goals of celebrating the legacy of Eudora Welty, enhancing appreciation of her work, and encouraging reading and the efforts of young writers.
The Foundation’s broad mission is to fund educational and research activities and to develop programs that will enhance Eudora Welty’s legacy and ensure that her work continues to be recognized as among the greatest in American literature.

Press Contacts

Will Jacks
Owner / Curator
(662) 846-6800