The Tourism Mississippi Political Action Committee (TMPAC) is an unincorporated, non-profit organization supported by the collective interest and generosity of hospitality and tourism industry professionals and related industry friends.

The TMPAC’s mission is to help elect qualified individuals who recognize the importance of the hospitality and tourism industry. Educating our leadership and telling the story of tourisms impact on Mississippi’s economy is key to our success. Specifically, it concentrates on the State Legislature, the Lt. Governor and the Governor’s Office.

This strength has provided the tourism industry with an influential voice at the State Capitol to pass positive legislation such as permanent funding for Visit Mississippi. However, each year, especially in election years, TMPAC distributes dollars to candidates for statewide office, so we need your continued support.

The contributions made by TMPAC to these candidates are the first important steps in the political process that allow the Mississippi Tourism Association to effectively represent the collective interests of the tourism industry in Mississippi.


The Impact of TMPAC Contributions

Contributions to the TMPAC have impacted many issues, including permanent advertising/marketing funding for Visit Mississippi, Go CUP Law, short term rentals, and more.


PAC Contributions

State Law allows corporate contributions.  All contributions to TMPAC are voluntary and are NOT tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

MTA has established a Legislative Support budget line item.  Some PAC donations may be used for Legislative Support expenses and such expenses include those for advocacy, lobbyist fees, and special events.

Both the American Hotel & Lodging Association and National Restaurant Association have established PACs to address the federal and national political and government relations activities.

Make a contribution to TMPAC today!